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News on partition help, freeware guidance, products edition or version updated will be lay out in this page, Also you are welcomed to send us materials to for more tips. Besides, if you have many ideas on how to use Partition Extender or different ways of using it, please share us @sales mail box.


New Version Released 1.2.1

April 12, 2017

Fixed: List disk No. from 0 instead of 1, consistent with Disk management.


New Version Released 1.2.0

Feb 16, 2017

now start up the program will be faster than before and we will do more in later versions.


New Version Released 1.1.1

Jan 19, 2017

We added Separate 32-bit/64-bit application on our product[Read more >>]


New Version Released 1.0.2

Jul 22, 2016

We fixed some bugs after first release on giveaway website[Read more >>]


5 stars Review on Partition Extender Pro

Jul 15, 2016

5 stars Review on Partition Extender Pro. Sharewareonsale review Partition Extender with 5 Star.[Read more >>]

Fastest partition software

Jun 20, 2016

Fastest partition software on extending disk partition, core algorithm updated, You can use rightwards arrow to do quick extend; any operation in Partition Extender is speed updated[Read more >>]

New program of system partition extending

Jun 08, 2016

On Windows Server 2012 R2, we have a new program on system partition extending, which will make extend C Drive much faster and safer in Partition Extender Server Edition and above. The enhanced security-level is the Guardian of your Server System [Read more >>]

Disaster-protection program Updated

May 01, 2016

Before we go live on Partition Extender, we had a complete test on Server system running Partition Extender, after when we updated the Disaster-protection program. We are here to say Partition Extender will protect your computer under any situation. [Read more >>]