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How to use Partition Extender?

How to use Partition Extender in different disk maps?

There are many kinds of disk maps available in daily using. Check the following disk map

Many disk maps

1. C Drive + D Drive

In this situation, C Drive can be extended, D Drive cannot be clicked.

C Drive + D Drive

Click on C Drive > Next > Drag the handle > Enlarge C Drive and Reduce D Drive at the same time

2. C Drive + D Drive + Unallocated space

C Drive + D Drive  + Unallocated space

In this situation, both C Drive and D Drive are clickable, Unallocated space cannot be clicked. No matter which partition you want to extend, steps are the same

Click one partition, > NEXT > Drag the handle, Unallocated space will firstly merged to the partition you want to extend, if you are about to extend C Drive, then unallocated space go first to C Drive with and free space go to C Drive after you add all unallocated space to C Drive.

Might be a little complicate to understand by description, but you can see the effect in real time when you dragging the handle.

3. C+D+E partition

C+D+E partition

C and D can be extended in this type of disk map.

Extend D Drive, that's like situations one, just drag the handle

Extend C Drive, See the example above, D Drive has not enough space, so you can first extend D Drive and do the same operation to C Drive,

Steps: click on D > NEXT to Extend, >OK; then Click on C > NEXT > Drag; OK

4. C+ D + unallocated 1+E+Unallocated 2

C+ D + unallocated 1+E+Unallocated 2

In this situation, C,D,E can be clicked

Extend C Drive: see it on situation 2

Extend D Drive: there are two unallocated space after D Drive, so if you want to extend D Drive, Extender will first merge unallocated 1 and unallocated 2, and merge free space from E Drive if you keep dragging.

Steps: Click on D > NEXT > Drag slowly to see the order of merging.

Extend D Drive: Click on E > NEXT > Drag the handle to the end.

Of course, you can find more disk-maps on your computer, the guide will help you on any disk map you may face, in fact, the theory is to merge unallocated space first and then use free space in the neighbor partition to extend, if you don't have any unallocated space, Extender will use the free space nearby directly to extend target partition.