Extend partition with free space from other partition without data loss
Free Partition Resize Program for Windows

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Extend system volume with unallocated space

Of course, you can still use unallocated space to extend the partition that is running out space, you can use the default Disk Management to shrink a large partition and create unallocated space for C Drive extending, which is never possible in Disk Management, but in Partition Extender, you can directly merge the unallocated space

Extend C Drive (system partition) without unallocated space

Partition Extender is able to extend partition without unallocated space that is required in Disk Management, it will automatically use the free space from the partition next to it when you drag to handle to extend, so if you don't know how to create unallocated space, Partition Extender is the best solution to solve low disk space problem

Data Roll-Back Technology

Partition Extend will protect data on both partitions, the data on the partition we shrank and the data on the partition we extend, even when disasters like such power outage or blue screen happens during the extending process

Cancel at will

Feel free to cancel the operation if you're not satisfied with the free space you just distrusted

Fast Data Moving Algorithms

Data moving in Partition Extender replies on the built-in algorithms, which is faster than other third-party partition software, 2 times faster at least

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