Free up c drive space 2012

“When I get low disk space warning, I felt strange that much space are available in the disk, how come the warning keeps showing, I wondered. Finally, I figure out it’s the partition C Drive lies in low space, I think the warning message should go like: low partition space rather than low disk space, because it may confuse us. Anyway, it’s not the point I want to emphasis. It’s the answer I’m looking for on how to free up C Drive space on my Windows Server 2012.” - a teacher in a college asked.

How to Extend C Drive with Partition Software

When you want to extend C Drive, Server manager on disk management is not the first choice you turn to, it's not either an ultimate solution to all disk partition problems. It's necessary to find a daily partition manager satisfies all partition needs on Server OS. Partition Extender is the tool you are looking for. What limits you on disk management, will not occur in Partition Extender, it's the right partition software to extend C Drive on Windows 2012

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Windows 2012 Asks to Delete Files on C Drive

When low disk space alert comes up, the next step is asking user to delete files on C Drive, so as to make more free space or ensure smooth working of system. However, it's not easy to decide which files can be deleted even for expert users, temporary files or downloaded files are easy to find and can be erased by system utility, system-related files are not recommend to delete though. So asked to delete file is not a wise suggestion to free up space. The right choice should be redistribute free space in the whole disk.

Resize partition if Windows 2012 Asks to Free up C Drive Space

Partition Extender can resize partition easily when Windows 2012 asks to free up C Drive space. Not to delete files in System partition, but extend C Drive with free space from other partitions. What's more, it provides a handle to allocate space in the disk, easy to understand and the result shows in a straightforward way. There's no need to calculate precise amount in MB, just use the handle to distribute disk space and it will soon free up C Drive space after commit.