Why should I use extender

There are various disk-management software available in this field, Windows Build in Disk Management is the one can do much things, other utilities are of the similar functions, why should I choose your extender.

As you mentioned of Disk Management in Windows, I think you are aware that there are limitations when using this tool, especially on Extend Volume function, a continues unallocated space is required if you want to do the extension. Disk partition Extender on the other hand, has no such limitations, the extend operation will stay clickable regardless of the neighbor space is unallocated or not. Other brand many have similar functions alike us, but the operation speed is never similar, it's our new algorithm that makes resize partition faster than competitors. Then disaster-protection is the unique in this field.

How to use extender

To use extender is quick easy, after loaded, the disk map will show in the main interface, >select the partition with smaller size or the partition you want to extend, for example, system partition; >click Next to extend. >drag the ball to distribute size; >OK. Then Extender will complete your mission.

When shall I use extender

as time goes by and operations goes on, file become more and more stored in partition, you can use the Extender to extend often used partition, drive c for example, when you see the disk color turned into red, or a little window popup saying: low disk space. If you are server users, you can use this partition magic server extender to resize disk space in daily use. if you have a video partition or a partition with photo files, you can use extender to enlarge the size for future use.

Where can I download extender

You can download our Disk Partition Extender in our download center. There're many editions available, Free Edition, Pro Edition, Server Edition, Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition, for different usage.

Which edition should I choose

Different Extender Edition is for different usage with almost the same functions

Free Edition:For home use, we would like to recommend the free edition;

Pro Edition: One code one machine; allows for commercial use

Server Edition: Works on all Windows System includes Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

Unlimited Edition: Unlimited License for multiple machines/companies