Windows Server C Drive Runs out of Space

It is never too late to find a solution when Server C Drive runs out of space, before system slows down; you may look for some methods on how to fix low disk space on C Drive, maybe you already have read some passages on how to work out it, but you still can't find the appropriate partition managing tool to do so. Partition Extender is the one you are searching for, with which you can extend C Drive easily with data safe.

C Drive Resizing Software to Fix Low Disk Space on Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is widely and often used in many field, everyday some people may find low disk space alert on their server system, the first thought came to mind might be enlarge disk space on C Drive to avoid the alert showing again. But Server Manager cannot extend volume on many occasions, there must be another way to solve this, and there must be some software capable of this.

Partition Extender, the C Drive resizing software is here to fix low disk space on Server 2012. When you run it, you may would like to click on for more disk space, because it's that simple to access and operation.

Do as follow:
  • In the main interface focus on C Drive, click the bar
  • NEXT to Extend
Guide Steps on How to extend partition

Then you have you partition extended, low disk space alert disappeared, there you go.

It's not me stop writing, it's that simple steps are. Try it and you'll soon understand.

See: Screenshots Steps to Increase Size of C Drive on Windows Server

Few clicks to solve low disk space is the key feature Partition Extender has, no other competitors will simplify extending steps like us do. Therefore, to save time and energy, Partition Extender is the best choice on server partition extending.

Extend C Drive without Reformatting

In the whole progress, Partition Extender did no harm to data on each partition, or the disk. It did not format or delete any file to free up space, it reallocated disk space by free space rearrangement; unallocated space consumes and makes free space automatically if there's no such space available.

A utility with safe and fast program in operations will satisfy you in all aspects. As an Server administrator, you must require more on safety, Partition Extender with disaster-protection will delight you in any situation you might meet.