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Partition Hard Drive Software

As server partition manager, Partition Extender is the best partition hard drive software with secure data technology in its program, it partitions hard drive within few clicks and saves a lot of time for server users when then have multiple computers in managing.

How to Use Partition Hard Drive Software

Partition Extender is ease to use, with its well design interface, you can partition hard drive with one step if you want to extend one partition on your disk, here is the main interface of Partition Extender, Download and install, in the first windows of Partition Extender, The top section is for basic operations, The middle section shows the disk-map of on your computer, try to click one partition, and click NEXT to go next Windows,

Partition Hard Drive Software

This Windows below is for operation of extending, it shows the partition you just clicked and you have 3 options to make partition extend: First one is to use the handle on the top, right side of the partition there's a little circle, click one it, and it becomes an arrow, which means you can drag it to the right side to do the extension job.

next windows of Partition Extender

Click OK to commit the operations and wait for few seconds, Extender will finish the job.

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Partition External Hard Drive Software

There are many two types of hard drives: Desktop-class hard drives and Notebook-class hard drives, the well-known pocket or portable hard drives are belong to notebook-class hard drives,

Is it possible for Partition Extender to partition external hard drive?

Yes, Partition Extender is able to partition external hard drive; steps are alike when you plugged it in to your computer. And it's now support external hard drives with partition table in it, usb, flash drives are not able to partition, of course, it's not necessary to partition an USB, you can create folders to category files.

Free Partition Software SSD

Partition Extender provides free partition software for SSD external drives for home use, it's very useful when you just had your system upgrade to Windows 10, and want to redistribute disk space between partitions.

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