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How to Extend Volume in Disk Management

In Disk Management, you can extend boot partition and data partition in contiguous unallocated space.

Do the following steps to open Disk Management:

Do as follow:

  • Start > Server Manager
  • Storage > Disk Management
  • Right-click the target volume
  • Extend Volume
  • Follow the guides in Extend Volume Wizard to complete the extension
  • Reload Disk to see the result

Contiguous unallocated disk space: unallocated space followed the volume you want to extend; the position is on the right side of target partition; if there's no such space to distribute, you can delete the right position partition or shrink the partition to make one.

However, shrink volume is not helping on boot partition extension, because the unallocated space made from Shrink Volume is not in the right side of boot partition. You cannot move unallocated space in Disk Management until you use other free server partition tool. Extend Volume Wizard in Disk Management is a downwards extension wizard used under certain conditions.

Server Extend Volume Grayed out

If there's no contiguous unallocated disk space, you:

1. Can't Extend Volume in C Drive

2. Can't Extend C Drive to Unallocated Space

3. Unable to Extend Unallocated Space

4. Unable to Extend Partition

Those are the limitations in Disk Management, if you want to add unallocated space to C drive, you have to move the space to the right side of boot partition, then use Extend Volume to Unallocated Space, so Windows Server users don't use the default tool to manage disk space when the four listed common situation happens.

When the above situations happen

Partition Extender will:

  • Extend Volume in C Drive
  • Extend C Drive to Unallocated Space
  • Able to Extend Unallocated Space
  • Able to Extend Partition
  • Able to Extend un- contiguous unallocated space
  • Able to Extend boot partition with un- contiguous unallocated space and auto-shrink near partition

If you have much space in each partition, you can shrink them into many unallocated space in Disk Management or Disk Partition Expert, then use Partition Extender to extend boot partition with one click. See how to move space in Disk Partition Expert.