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C Drive Full on Windows Server 2012 R2

When C Drive gets full, Server 2012 system will show an alert on of low disk space on it. If you are facing this problem now, you can use Partition Extender to extend system partition without repartitioning of reinstalling server system. Partition Extender extends system drive by merging unallocated space first and shrinking the near partition automatically if there's no unallocated space on your disk. The partition software supports all Windows Server perfectly with both 32 bit and 64 bit; therefore you can use this system utility to fix C Drive Low Space Problem with ease.

Download Partition Extender Server Edition to extend C Drive.

Step-by-step: Guide to Extend C Drive on Windows 2012

Partition Extender to Fix Low Disk Space on Server 2012 C Drive

As a special partition manger program, Partition Extender aims to extend partition under any situation Server 2012 may face. You can fix low disk space alert by running partition extender with few clicks, you don't even have to move free space from one partition to another so as to make extend volume clickable in Disk management, Partition Extender has already took those operation into consider, so what you do is just drag the handle on the first row of the interface to extend, to distribute amount of size on system partition, and that's the only operation you done except clicks.

In some other disk management software, free space or unallocated space is needed, but in Partition Extender, those spaces are not necessities to extend partition, it can redistribute disk space on a new algorithm, which means to bring convenient and efficiency to you.

Extend C Drive Windows SBS 2012

As a Server Manager, you must already know the important meaning of low disk space on C partition, so what you concern is one tool with powerful function on extending and top security on Server system. Yes, Partition Extender is the one suits all your desire. With fast and safe algorithm, or disaster-protection program, you can extend C Drive with flash speed without data loss in any situations.