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Can I run Overwatch

Overwatch is a shooter game released by Blizzard, here are the system requirements, or Overwatch specs, you can check if you can run it:

Overwatch specs

See the Storage column, 30 GB available hard drive space needed, what if I don't have enough space on my Drive, how to extend my hard drive space to run Overwatch?

Partition Extender to extend hard drive space with ease.

You can use Partition Extender to make enough space available for running Overwatch without data loss and in really fast speed.

Do as follow when you already downloaded and installed.

1. Run Partition Extender, Select the Drive you want to run Overwatch, please do not make the partition at the end of disk, because the last partition is running slower than head parittions.

Partition Extender interface

2. Click NEXT to resize partition. Although Overwatch requires 30 GB, you can add more if you have enough free space on other partition, just use the handle on the right side to adjust.

Click NEXT to go on

3. Click OK to finish all the operations.

After Extended

This is how partition extender works to improve system performance and storage. You can make other adjustments to better performance Overwatch.