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Extend Server 2008 R2 C Drive

Extend Server 2008 R2 C Drive is important for server users when C Drive runs on low disk space, or not enough space for better managing computers linked to their Server, but there are problems with Disk Management in some situations to extend volume when you meet those limitations.

What are the limitations?

Extend Volume Server 2008 Greyed Out

Sometimes server 2008 extend volume not available when you right-click on boot volume, it's grayed out. If server 2008 Extend Volume not active, you can delete partition nearby to make space unallocated, then it will become active again if you are using NTFS file system.

Server 2008 extend boot volume greyed out may be caused by another reason: no more disks available to convert dynamic disk. If you have more than one disk installed, you can use Extend Volume on free space partition to make disk dynamic. By then Extend volume will not gray out even when there's no continuous unallocated space.

Extend Boot Partition Server 2008 Vmware

Sometimes you will extend boot partition in server 2008 r2 Vmware to test if the program in use safe or not, or just simply to see steps of extending boot partition, so as to fix problems that may happen to local Server.

Steps to extend boot partition in Server 2008 Vmware.

This guide is sharing steps of extending boot partition in Server 2003 while disk management fails to extend volume. If data in your Vmware disk partition is not important, you can Delete Partition to Extend Volume C instead.

Windows Server 2008 Extend Basic Volume

Most partitions are partitioned with basic Volume, what is a basic volume? Click on to read more. Server 2008 extend basic disk can be analyzed into different topics like, extend basic volume server 2008 r2, extend primary partition in Windows 2008, and extend C Partition in Server 2008.

The main purpose of extending basic volume is to extend partitions in a basic disk. Partition Extender is designed to solve such problems when you want to safe extend any partition or volume without data loss.

Download and try to extend Server 2008 C Drive.