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Free Partition software for Windows 10

What can Partition Extender do on Windows 10?
  • 1. Solve low disk space problem.
  • 2. Fix disk partition runs of space issue
  • 3. Add more space when not enough free space on system partition, data partition
  • 4. Extend partition when no more free space to store data
  • 5. Distribute partition size as you like
  • 6. Extend Partition without data loss
  • 7. Protect System when extending.
  • 8. More to be found when using Extender.
What can Disk Management do in Windows 10?
  • 1. Extend Volume: enlarge partition size by following Extend Volume Wizard when unallocated space followed to your target NTFS Partition.
  • 2. Shrink Volume: reduce space size to make unallocated space at the end the partition.
  • 3. Delete Partition: make this partition unallocated space.

Windows 10 Partition Manager VS Partition Extender

1.1 Advantages of Disk Management:
  • 1. Fast speed in each operation, Very efficient at first installing system and partitioning.
  • 2. No reboot when managing disk.
  • 3. Powerful functions in Dynamic disk.
1.2 Disadvantages/limitations of Disk Management:
  • 1. Continuous unallocated space required on NTFS disk when Extend Volume.
  • 2. The only way to make space continuous is to Delete partition, which will wipe all partition data.
  • 3. No Move Volume function.
  • 3. No Supports on FAT32
 No Supports on FAT32
2.1 Advantage of Partition Extender
  • 1. Faster and Safer than any other partition program.
  • 2. No reboot when managing disk.
  • 3. Disaster-protection program in its core.
  • 4. Supports NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 file system.
2.2 Disadvantages/limitations of Partition Extender.
  • 1. NOT support Apple BOOTCAMP partitions.
  • 2. NOT support dynamic disk.

Screenshots of Partition Extender

Partition Extender Main Interface next-extend-ok Extender Extends Partition Windows