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Free to Increase Partition Size on Windows 8

Many users of Windows 8 are looking for free methods to increase partition size for Windows 10 update, it might because Windows 10 free update is about to close. So requires on the freeware must be no harm to the original system or any data on the disk, or else update to Windows 10 might fail.

Besides the update thing, you may increase partition size when Windows 9 says low disk space on C, or you find C Drive turns to red bar. Right now, it's time to use partition software to extend partition safely.

How to Increase Size of Partition in Windows 8?

There are many ways to increase size of partition in Windows 8, for different users, we'll make different guide. Choose the best one that suits you.

Firstly, for users who are ready for Windows 10 update, and data on other partition are not important, can be erased. We will use Disk Management to do the job

Do as follow:
  • 1, use shortcut key WIN+R to open "run" tool
  • 2, input "diskmgmt.msc" in the box
  • 3, Disk Management opens, right-click on one partition to increase size
  • 4, check Extend Volume on the right-click menu to see if it is gray out
  • 5, Extend Volume is not grayed out, click on to follow the guide of extend volume wizard.
  • 6, Extend Volume grayed out, Click on one partition next to the previous one.
  • 7, Use Delete Volume to make the space unallocated, and Extend Volume again.
  • Before you Delete Volume on one partition, we suggest to do a backup on your disk, but if files on that partition are empty, or of no importance, please skip this note.

That's for the users going to update for Windows 10.

Secondly, for users want to keep data intact, do not want to delete anything, disk space in enough on other partition. We'll guide you on Partition Extender to do the job.

Do as follow:
  • 1, run Partition Extender after you downloaded it
  • 2, choose a partition, click NEXT to extend
  • 3, resize partition, OK to confirm the operation.

That's the guide for users want to keep data as before, no delete any partitions, also works for users who want to Windows 10 update.