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How to Allocate more Space to C Drive in Windows 10?

People would like to allocate more space to C Drive in Windows 10 after one year's using, how to allocate space to C Drive without reinstalling and repartitioning?

Default download path in Windows 10 lies in C Drive, so if you don't change the path to other partition, low disk space alert problem will always happens to your C Drive. Besides personal files downloaded, system log files and temporary documents will also make system partition size not enough.

Disk Management in Windows 10 is able to extend volume by deleting the neighbor Drive, I think you would not choose this method, that's not what allocate free space mean.

So let's go on with Partition Extender to allocate free space without deleting anything.

How to allocate free space in Partition Extender

My Disk Map is C Drive + D Drive + Free space / Unallocated space

My goal is: Unallocated space in C Drive + D Drive.

Do as follow:
  • 1. Download, install, run Partition Extender, > Click on C Drive.
  • 2. NEXT to allocate free space: Drag the handle to the size suits you.
  • 3. OK > OK, Done.

Screenshots are below:

C Drive + D Drive + Unallocated space in Disk 1 NEXT to Extend in Partition Extender After Extended

What? No more steps?

If you may ask, NO, there are no more steps to allocate free space on Partition Extender.


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