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Move free space to C Drive on Windows 2012

When you found free space on the end of disk on Windows 2012, you must eager to move the free space near to C Drive so that Extend Volume on C Drive will not gray out and space in system partition can be extended.

But disk management doesn't have such functions, only to see low disk space alert showing while free space with large amount on the disk. Ironic, isn't it? What if I can use the free space to enlarge low disk space partition?

There are many partition managers can move free space, or unallocated space in different Windows Server, some can do it within much more time while some will do it within seconds and without data loss; some, on the other hand, with do the job automatically with safe and fast technical.

Resize Partition without Losing Data

Much software declares that they have powerful functions on how to move free space, in fact, they moved the space, but data on the whole disk is erased! They move the free space in violence! That's no allowed in Server system, if my server system crushes, computers in my company will all be infected! So as a Server administrator, I shall look for some program that resizes partition without losing data. A real powerful partition resize program should make data safe of its first concern, its better if it has disaster-protection program in designing; it's the best if you can cancel resizing when operations already run.

Partition Extender has no problems on you desire.

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Move Disk Space from D Drive to C Drive

D Drive is rich of free space while C Drive is low disk space, move disk space from D to C Drive become a problem in disk management. how to move it ?

  • So you disk map is: C Drive + D Drive + Free Space
  • You goal is: C Drive + Free Space + Drive
  • Or should I put it in this way: Large C Drive + D Drive

That's what normal software does on how to move disk space and how to extend C Drive.

Partition Extender understands your disk in this way:
  • First load disk map: C Drive + D Drive + Free Space
  • Than extend C Drive within one step: Large C Drive + D Drive
  • Or Maximum C Drive + Minimum D Drive, when you click on the bottom of Maximum

Maximum C Drive means original C Drive + Free Space + the rest of free space on D Drive

Maximum bottom to extend partition to the top soze

Moving Disk Space to Extend C Drive

That's what happens to D Drive when you want to extend C Drive, in fact, many disk space are distributed with many partitions for better management. E partition and F partition are also common in disk map. So when free space is at the end of other partition far from C Drive, regular partition software will move free space for many times to reach C Drive. Partition Extender, however, will simplify the steps with one click to save your time and energy at most. Moving disk space to extend C Drive is an in-core algorithm in Partition Extender.

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