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What is a Reliable Partition Tool?

The official definition of "Reliable" from goes:

  • › Something or someone that is reliable can be trusted or believed because they work or behave well in the way you expect

How to define "well" when partitioning?

"In a good way, to a high or satisfactory standard" -

"well" in partitioning progress:

1. Software should be clean, no ads plug in: Partition Extender is green with no ads in

2. Software should be safe to use, no virus affected: Yes, that's Partition Extender.

3. Operate speed should be acceptable: Partition Extender has the fastest operating speed in the world on disk partitioning.

4. Should keep data safe when operating: Data stay intact when using Partition Extender.

5. Able to cancel even it already run: You can cancel operation in the progress in Partition Extender.

6. For Server users, security level should be higher: Partition Extender Server Edition has the highest level of security program---Disaster-protection to ensure Server safe.

7. Service on products: Yes, service on Partition Extender are part of using, so we works well on it by quick response to mails and any questions related to Extender.

Misunderstanding on Reliable Partition Tool

When you search this word online, you may find some people or companies use the word "reliable" in a wrong way, they declare there are many functions in their tool, but no mention of security or speed in operating, not much information on protection on Server system or other Windows System. It's not right.

Partition Extender has only one function that is to extend disk partition under any situations. The program is not easy to write though, we still spend very much time on security level, especially on the Server Edition, we added disaster-protection program into it and fast operation algorithm too.

If you found Partition Extender runs slower than any of other partition magic manager, please feel free to share the tool to us at our support mail so that we can improve our Extender.