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Windows 2012 system partition low disk space

Low disk space warning is the message alert used in server 2003 years ago, it does not involve with Windows Server 2012 R2's Release. Still low disk space, but not low partition space. After years of using, we already get use to that, but disk management or server manager in Windows 2012 is the same as before, cannot extend volume in many environments. So when Windows 2012 system partition shows low disk space again, we have to turn to 3rd party software.

Windows Server 2012 R2 system partition low disk space

Increase Windows 2012 System Partition Size

What's next guide on clicking low disk space warning is not how to increase Windows 2012 system partition size, but ask to delete files that are not often used or not probably installed, some software can clean up C Drive for some small amount of free space, so the ultimate plan on how to fix low disk space issue should not count on cleaning software, but extending partition software. That's to say, increase system partition size is to fix low disk space issue.

Steps on: How to Extend System Partition Space

Partition Software for System Partition Resizing

It's not an easy job to extend volume on system partition especially when you don't meet the conditions of disk management in Windows Server 2012. Therefore, partition software managing disk space should have the functions that extend partition with less or with no conditions to operate. System Partition Resizing software, Partition Extender, is the partition software running on no conditions, on the contrary, it will extend partition on any partition conditions you may face, details will describe in the following paragraph.

Partition Software Is Available in Following Situations

C Drive + Unallocated space

C Drive + Unallocated space + D partition

C Drive + D partition

C Drive + D partition+ Unallocated space

C Drive + D partition+ Unallocated space + E partition

C Drive + D partition+ Unallocated space 1 + E partition + Unallocated space 2

Windows Server 2012 R2 Expand System Partition

What's your disk map like? Is it in one of the above situations? Partition Extender, will extend you system partition if the listed situations show on you disk. In fact, if you disk-map is really complicate to describe, don't worry, just run the software, and click NEXT to try, Extender will guide you how to expand system partition with few clicks on Windows Server 2012 R2. At last, you click OK to commit the extension operations. You can Read More on the left guide.