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Extend c partition server 2012

Extend C Partition is needed when you found low disk space notification on you Server 2012 system, but users found that they can't extend partition because Extend Volume grayed out on Windows 2012. How to extend C partition then? My data on this Server must stay safe.

Extend C partition on Windows Server 2012 without data loss

Without data loss? How about backup data in other partition, and then recover them after partition had been extended? If you have no problem without that, we can extend C partition in Disk Management.

Preparations: an external hard drive for data backup, or a partition with large empty size.

Do as follow:
  1. Open Disk Management, the fastest way to open it is to right-click on Start and choose it from the menu.
  2. Backup all data to your external hard drives, or move them to other partitions with much free space in it.
  3. Delete Volume on D partition, or any partition you named after C partition, but the location of the partition must be right after the OS partition, so that the space can be continuous for later use.
  4. Click on boot partition, Extend Volume on it. In the popup goes Extend Partition Wizard, click on to see all the screenshots of Extend Partition Wizard. Go after this guide, and you have your boot partition extended.

Can't extend partition because Extend Volume grayed out?

Extend Volume greyed out mainly cause by the follow two reasons:

A: File System is not NTFS, if you have FAT32, FAT16, Disk Management will not work on that partition.

B: The partition you just deleted is not continuous to C Drive, which means you have another partition between C partition and unallocated space.

Since Disk Management can't move unallocated space near to C Drive, you have to delete the very partition right near to OS partition, that's the limitations on Disk Management, if what you're requiring is just data safe, just delete another partition after backup.

Extend C partition within Partition Extender

Partition Extender is the one extends C partition without data loss not in a backup data way but in a way to keep data intact, because Extender will not touch data in you partitions. Therefore, there's no need to move data from one partition to another, Do as follow to have you C partition extended:

Preparations: Download and install Partition Extender Server Edition.

  • Steps: Click on C partition; > NEXT; > Drag handle in the end; > OK;

Then, Extender reloads disk-map, showing you a new C partition.