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Fix low disk space on windows server partition

Low disk space warning will show when Windows Server Running out of Disk Space, or Windows need more space, the warning message when you upgrade to Windows 10. No matter what system you are using, server system or Windows 10 system, when C Drive or other volume is full, alert shows.

There must be ways to fix low disk space warning to server partition, the best way is to extend partition running out of space. Normal partition manager will fix this by moving free to C Drive, and then extend C Drive. The theory is right, but operations are too much.

Partition Extender will do as follow when you run it.

1. Quick Extend on the partition you select, show result of after resized in real-time.

2. Full use of free space when doing maximum extension.

Extend C Drive on Windows Server without Rebooting PC

Will Extender reboot system when Partition Resizing?

No, it will not reboot in the whole progress. We know what costs to Server System on rebooting. So we design our Extender not to make troubles to users, not to touch data in users' partition.

Besides reboot that Extender will not do, there are more things Extender has considered:

1. Protect Data, Partition, and Disk when running it, or disaster-protection.

2. Make extension faster with precise technical on sector level.

What to do on Low Disk Space Warning Message

After using of Partition Extender, you can do more to free up disk space:

  • 1. Delete files and documents that in use for a long time.
  • 2. Make files on cloud instead of storing at local disk.
  • 3. Uninstall programs not related to Server managing.
  • 4. Clean up log-files on Server regularly.