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Freeware to extend Partition in Windows 10

Partitions are easily going on low disk space in Windows 10 if we put our daily documents in them, photos, videos, and other files. So it's really necessary to hire a partition manager to solve disk partition running out of space problems.

Free Solution for Partition Resizing on Windows 10

For new disk running Windows 10, the best solution for partition resizing is to run Disk Management in Windows 10, the built-in partition manager.

Solution 1: So disks like: Full C Drive + Empty D partition + Empty E partition can resize partition by following if you want to extend C Drive

Step goes like: Delete Volume on D partition; > Extend Volume on C Drive; > Done.

That's the best and fastest free solution for partition extending on Empty neighbor disk.

Of course, you can do the same operation on full sized neighbor partition if you backup data in D partition.

Solution 2: Disk map like: Full sized C Drive + Full sized D Drive + Full sized E Drive + Empty F Drive

Mission: Extend D Drive

IN this situation, steps in Disk Management are not working for D Drive Extension, because you cannot move free space from F Drive to D Drive, how to do it? Use Partition Extender Free Edition. Run it

Steps are: Click on E Drive first; > NEXT to extend; > Drag the handle to add free space; > Click D Drive; > repeat > Done.

By doing this, Extender moves free space from F Drive to D Drive without data loss. If you can make free space of D partition Unallocated then, you can Fix System Partition Low Disk Space Problem with this Space

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