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Partition software for windows 2012 C Drive resizing

When Windows 2012 Reports Low Disk Space on C Drive, it's time for you to find partition software to manage Server System. Of course, Disk Management as the default tool is a choice on disk partitioning, but what you are using is not a home pc. It's server system, which manages many computers online all the time. Disk management requires delete partition to make unallocated space while you can redistribute disk partition size by reinstall server system, result in reboot system finally, that's the last thing you want to do on server

Partition Software with the name Partition Extender, will simplify all the tasks without data loss or rebooting, reinstalling, repartitioning to you server disk.

Disk Management interface with free space

Steps to Resize Disk Partition on Windows 2012

Do as follow:
  • 1. Go to our product page and download Partition Extender Server Edition,
  • 2. Run Partition Extender as administrator,
  • 3. Click on C Drive, or other partition not at the end of the disk is also OK
  • 4. Click NEXT to Extend,
  • 5. Drag the handle on top or Type in the amount, or Click on Maximum Size,
  • 6. OK to confirm all the steps.

Partition manager for C Drive Resizing on Windows 2012

Real portable partition manager for C Drive extending should consider less of the limitations in disk management, also regardless of barriers on diskpart.exe. the best tool should be one tool with powerful functions to satisfy the main purpose of users on Windows 2012 R2 Partition Resizing

Partition Extender although has only one function like its name, it's still a powerful utility for most server managers, for extending partition is an operation frequently done when low disk space occurs.

Similar Way to Resize Disk Partition on Other Windows Servers

Partition Extender supports all Windows Server, like years ago released Windows 2003, then the later one Windows 2008, also the latest one Windows 2012, and the newly released tech edition of Windows 2016.

support all server systems

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