Windows 10, 8, 7 Supported Partition Extend Software

As the latest partition software, Partition Extender provides powerful features that enable users to extend system partition with unique data protection technology and best data moving algorithm, which means it guarantee the 100% data safety and the fastest data partition moving speed.

If you want to expand Windows boot volume, download Partition Extender Pro to extend system partition by redistributing free space from other partitions to C Drive when system runs out of space on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/xp.

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NEW Technology in Partition Extender Pro Edition

Disaster-Protection: Partition Extender Pro Edition Keeps disasters away from your PC. possible disasters include: Windows System Exception, blue screen, software conflict, bug, system crash, virus attack, power off, hard disk failure and others.

Cancel-Protection: You can cancel extending operations at any time of the procedure, Partition Extender will keep data intact, that's to say, data stay safe when free space are moving from one partition to another.

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Cost Efficient Disk Management

Partition Extender saves time and money for you to maintain disk drives by maximizing the disk spaces with one click to make sure every byte of the drive space performs the best. One click simplifies operations steps that price higher but little help in other partition managers.

With the help of Partition Extender, you can save much time and energy with less money to make system performance better especially when you have large amount of data stored in your local disk.

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Flash Speed when Extending any Partitions

>The great difference between other partition managers is that, Partition Extender owns the fastest speed in extending partition with data untouched, if you are going to extend partition that Partition Extender installed in, no matter how many steps you are clicked, how many partitions you extended, Extender will only reboot once, unlike others in disk manager which reboots based on steps and partitions.

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Partition Manager for Windows 7

Portable Edition Available in Pro Edition

Partition Extender Pro Portable Edition is packed with install edition in one ZIP file, you can enough both editions with one price; Portable Edition we provide is real portable software works perfect in all flash drives, like USB, extender hard drive or any device you use for storage, there's no need to redownload or reinstall the again. Portable Edition will make extending partition easier and faster.

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Solution for Low Disk Space on Windows 10 Upgrades

Pro Edition is the best solution for low disk space notification when you want to upgrade to Windows 10, one click to make maximum extension and quickly fix disk running out of space issues without data loss at the same time.

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2 PCs, commercial use, Extend boot partition, Portable Edition available.

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Runs on Windows XP and above