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Partition Extender is partition manager software to extend system partition or data volume with one step in Windows 7 64 bit system

Partition Software for Windows 7 64 bit system

When we search partition software for Windows 7 64 bit system, mostly we are looking for one utility to extend partition, to be more specific, to extend system partition. I think it's the following reasons that you want to use partition manager software:

  • 1. A message with Low Disk space warning popup at the down corner of right side
  • 2. When you want to update some program in Windows Update, for example, Windows 10 OS, it hints there's not enough space to do so.
  • 3. Data partition do not have enough space to store more file while other partitions have some free space on Windows 7.
  • 4. During installation of some large program, ie, game file, Windows 7 shows unable to install.

Partition Manager For Windows 7 64 Bit Full Version Free Download

Those might be the reason you want to find partition software on partition extension. Before you install a program, check which type of Windows 7 you are using, is it a 32 bit system or 64 bit system of Windows 7

Do as following:
  • Click Start
  • Move to Computer
  • Right-Click to see Properties
  • Check System type: 32 bit Operating System / 64 bit Operating System

Here, you can see which type you are using, and then we'll go on to do system partition extensions or data partition extension on this passage; we'll share how to use this partition software in Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit.

System type

What can you do on Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit with Partition Extender?

The listed situation above are easy to fix when running this partition manager tool Partition Extender especially when there's not enough space on system partition. Actually, you can use this partition manager to do tasks as below:

1. On both Window 7 64 bit and 32 bit, Partition Extender will Extend Volume with few clicks and really fast speed. Extension of system drive or data partition is well operated in both 64 bit and 32 bit types.

2. NTFS or FAT32 file system, Partition Extender works perfectly on both file system.

3. GPT or MBR disk, Partition Extender will act as the same without data loss. You can extend unallocated space in both disks.

How to extend not continuous space

Steps: click on the target partition, >Next, drag the handle to extend, >OK

Sometimes, the unallocated space may not be continuous to system partition, or the partition you want to extend, with the help of Partition Extender, you directly drag the ball on the border to your size. With drag going on, the size will show accordingly, you may the effect below, stop dragging when it reaches to your expectation. You don't have to the resize/move operation in other programs or utilities, Partition Extender will do them all. This work on:

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Windows 7 Partition Manager Download Free

After reading and searching, I think it's time to download one partition manager for daily or later use. Partition Extender is the one with quick extend algorithm program in its core outstanding itself among competitors. It runs both for system type of 64 bit and 32 bit on Windows 7

Steps of extend partition is simple but highly efficiency

Do as following:
  • Run Partition Extender, a quick view on disk info.
  • Click on one partition to extend.
  • Next to arrange space between partitions or unallocated spaces
  • OK to finish.