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Server 2003 R2 running out of space

You may face the problem of running out of space on Windows Server 2003 R2 system partition, this guide will guide you how to solve C drive running out of space and low disk space alert on C Drive problem in Partition extender

C Drive Running out of space

When will C Drive running out of space? It's will often get low disk space when C drive is full of temporary files of internet files or download files. Many files installed in C partition/program files are not system needed, but software providers will always set this path as a default path to install. Therefore, as time goes by and software downloading goes on, C Drive is getting low disk space gradually.

How to deal with it? Deal files or format C partition is not recommended, if you are not very familiar with system files, those operations may damage you system, bad result may be cannot boot next time. But we do recommend changing default install path when you have new software to download. The best way to deal with this one is to keep data in C Drive safe and meanwhile improve system performance and no show of low disk space or running out disk space warning.

Partition Extender is to the tool to do the extension job; you can extend primary partition or logical partition without data loss during the whole process. You can also cancel the operation when Partition Extender is extending if you find you distribute disk space plan needs to improve.

That's the key feature of Extender, no competitors will competent that.

Guide steps on Extender

The above pictures are the whole steps on how to extend partition on Server 2003 R2, It's easy to operation and click on. When you finish the extending, Partition Extender will automatically reload disk map, so you can see the result in really short time

Although this passage guides on Windows Server 2003 R2, it also works for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2. So if you are using those two operating systems or will use them in the further, this guide will be some help.

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