Adding Unallocated Space to Server System Partition

It's an efficient way to add unallocated space to server system partition when system says low disk space is running on local disk C partition, but for server system, extending methods are various. For Windows Server 2003, need to find other program to run disk partition; For Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012, Disk Management is an optional ways to manage disk space, but there are some limitations on disk management, normal situations will always touch the limitations. So adding unallocated space to Server system partition is a professional job done by particular software.

System Partition Resizing by Adding Unallocated Space

What situations stop disk management work for extending system partition: the unallocated space is not near C partition, it was cut off by other partition in the middle; file system is FAT32, disk management doesn't support it. Adding unallocated space is not that simple to extend system partition if you don't have a tool to move partition or free space.

Partition Extender will extend partition when the unallocated space is not near C Drive, or very far from C Drive. you may asked if it needs to move space from one partition to another; actually , you don't have to move any space on Partition Extender, "extend" is already the whole operation in Partition Extender, it's intelligence on disk map situation (detect where the unallocated space and decide which algorithm to use by itself.)

Step-by-step Guide to Add Unallocated Space to System Partition

Windows Server Extend System Partition with Unallocated Space

As we mentioned above, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 have disk management to distribute disk space on simple mission, complete disk maps are beyond its reach. Partition Extender works well on Windows Server to extend system partition with unallocated space or free space in other partition. It analyses server's disk and use the best way to extend partition when you are confused how to resize partition on many disks. RAID 5 Array is often used on Server System when large space size and faster system performance are required as time goes by.

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Is It Possible to Add Unallocated Space to Server System Partition?

Yes, it is possible. The complete question you might ask I think is: is it possible to add unallocated space to server system partition when the space is not near to C Drive, or when Extend Volume grayed out when there's only one hard drive on Server. Because if the unallocated space is near to C Drive, you can click Extend Volume in Right-click menu in Disk Management. If once you delete D partition, you'll find the space become unallocated and it's able to be extending by C Drive.

Windows SBS Extend System Partition with Unallocated Space

Windows SBS 2003, SBS 2008 and SBS 2012 are also supported by Partition Extender, they run Extender fine and operations are fast in Partition Extender Server Edition, which is important to server managers running many computers in companies. Another important thing to concern is data safety, is it data safe to run Partition Extender on SBS? Sure it's safe, and the safest partitioning software in the world to manage disk space, because it has the disaster-protection technical in its core. It's the best choice to use Extender when you want to extend system partition with unallocated space on Windows SBS.