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Windows 8 Increase System Partition Size

How to increase system partition size in Windows 8 without formatting when Windows 10 free upgrade is closing? That must be a daily asked question by most of Windows 8 users. Before we go on, we'd like to share something in common to help you better use the search engine.

We all know that boot partition is installed on primary partition, so that Operating System (OS) can be recognized, C partition is often named for system partition. So it's the same to use boot partition, c partition, system partition in Search engine.

Steps to increase system partition size in Windows 8.

Increase Partition Size in Windows 8 without Formatting

Formatting is never the solution to low disk space problem when partitions are running out of space. The best solution has to make data safe and extend partition without any conditions especially when Disk management in Windows 8 fails to satisfy your demands.

Partition Extender can increase partition size without formatting, partition like primary partition or logical partition, system partition or data partition. when extending partition in Extender, it will first keep data safe, and move free space and unallocated space to extend partition, and shrink partition size when free space are fully used, see also Windows 8 shrink partition size to read more.

Why there's no Shrink Partition Option in Extender

When you first run our product, you found there's no right-click menu, or any other function column in its interface, "so all you can do is just extend partition?" may come to your mind. Actually, Extender can shrink partition too, like any other partition manager software in this field, but in a different way, we made shrink partition as a built-in program not to show in right-click menu, or in the function list.

We aim to make steps simplify and easy to access. So we you click on a partition just click NEXT to extend it, you don't have to shrink partition manually, and Extender will do it for you. It's the same like move partition, move free space, Extender will move them to serve your extension require.