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Extend C Partition VMware

C partition is important for both Client computer and Vmware, when Vmware shows low disk space notification, partition tool is needed then. If local disk and disks in Vmware running out of space, system performance will be very slow, other software installed in this partition with Vmware in will be infected too. Partition Extender is the tool for you to extend C Drive in Vmware.

Steps to Extend C Partition in Vmware on Server 2003

When you downloaded and installed Partition Extender, run it to begin. You may download it from your client computer; it may be faster, although size of Partition Extender is small.

Steps: Click on C partition; > NEXT; > Drag the handle/ input amount; /Maximum extension; choose one way to extend; > OK; > OK; > Finished.

3 ways of extending

Expand Server 2003 C Drive Vmware and above

Partition Extender supports Server 2003, 2008, 2012 partition expand. Many people will run Vmware first to test some software safe or not, virus free or not, so space in C partition is often reaches the minimum limitation only result in low disk space warning in the end.

Since downloaded software are for test purpose, deleting files to make free space is not an option to most of Server users, tools that can extend C Drive without data loss are the best choice.

Partition Extender is just the tool to extend any partition in Vmware, so the steps above, it touches no data in the disk partition, only make free space moved from large sized partition to small ones.

Extend partition Windows XP VMware and above

Windows XP Vmware and above means: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows 8.1; Windows 10; VMware workstation 9 extend partition works find on Windows XP, but if you are about to extend partition in Windows 10, you better upgrade Vmware to workstation 12. Windows 10 can only run in workstation 12. After updated, steps to extend C partition are the same.