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Resize hard disk drive Volume C Partition on Windows Server 2012

The main purpose to use partition software is to extend partitions running on low disk space without data loss in Windows Server 2012, Server users will take safety of data to their first concern when purchasing partition managers, but there're times that server administrators won't do the purchase by themselves but deliver their demands to financial departments,

However, partition managers in this market are not all safe ones, some will crush your system, some may make space too much fragments when resizing, and some may go directly into blue screen when started. Is there any software to protect us from those malware?

Disaster-protection build in Partition Extender will protect your data and system from malwares. In its core algorithm, Extender had all the emergency situations considered and automatically protect data on hard drive from losing or erasing.

When you run Partition Extender, you can cancel the operation if you want to resize again,
Cancel-protection makes data stay as before even you are reading and writing on the very partition. No other software in disk partitioning has cancel-protection after years of developing partition manager; it's time to use new technology in disk management.

Resize system partition server 2012

If partition manager resizes system partition easily within few steps, then it's not a problem for it to manage any other partitions. Originally, developers are working hard to build move space functions when disk management fails to do so, that's a good theory and the right one to do it. But moving space is for extending partitions,

How about extends partition directly without steps of moving or shrinking?

That's the new technology in Partition Extender, directly extend partition without moving or shrinking or deleting any partitions to manage free space. Extender will achieve your goal by dragging the handle or input partition size directly to distribute disk space. What you see in Extender is what you get.

Steps of resize system partition in Windows Server 2012