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Extend Hard Drive Partition Windows Server 2012

Hard Drive Partition space are firstly arranged when install Server system, but as time goes by, disk may run into low disk space status if you don't often clean up disk for more free space. But only cleaning up cannot make low disk space notification disappear. On Window Server 2012 extend hard drive partition is the best way to fix it.

Server 2012 Extend C Drive partition.

C Drive space size is important in Server 2012, but not the best if you only have one C partition in your whole disk, It's an inefficient way to make better use of free space. You cannot just store everything in C Drive, it will slow down system performance and even crush if there are many documents downloaded into C partition.

How to Extend C Drive partition on Server 2012?

We will introduce two common ways to extend C Drive in Windows Server 2012:

disk management and Server partition manager, Partition Extender in same and difference situations.

Situation 1: There are 3 partitions in my hard drive: C+D+E; File system are NTFS,

Extend C Drive in Disk Management:
  • Steps: First, Delete Volume in D partition;
  • Extend Volume for C Drive; > Done.
Extend C Drive in Partition Extender:
  • Steps: Click on C Drive; > NEXT; > Extend by dragging the handle; > Done.

Compare: Disk Management deletes volume of D partition, while Partition Extender makes data safe in the same situation.

Situation 2: Still 3 partitions: C+D+E, but file system are FAT32,

Extend C Drive in Disk Management:
  • Steps: Click on C Drive to Extend when D partition becomes unallocated; > only to find Extend Volume disabled, it grayed out! > Fail to Extend C Drive in Disk Management.
Extend C Drive in Partition Extender:
  • Steps: Click C Drive; > NEXT; >; Drag; > Done.

Compare: Fail in Disk management, success in Partition Extender without data loss.

Conclusion: Partition Extender supports both NTFS and FAT file systems; Extends C partition without data loss; Easy to access.


Sure, you can do the same operations to extend hard drive partition in Windows 10