Partition Extender for Windows Server 2003 Free Download

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Partition Extender for Windows 2003 Free Download

Windows Server 2003 is still the popular server system around the world over years, if you are looking for partition extender for Windows 2003 free download link, here is the one. Partition Extender Server Edition released on July 10, and we made a giveaway on famous sites, lots of users like this partition software very much, they wrote to us with thanks and advices. Well, we should say thank you too for supporting our product, so we made 90% off of all our products for this summer. Thanks for your encourages

Partition Extender for Windows 2003 Free Download

Server Partition Extender for Windows 2012/2008/2003/

Server system has upgraded to Server 2012 now, Partition Extender server supports for Windows 2012, Windows 2008, Windows 2003 and actually it supports the latest Windows 2016 too.

Why Partition Extender so popular after a week's release?

Because Partition Extender makes extend partition easier than most of any other third-party partition software, it brings a revolution to all PC users on enlarging partition size and it can solve low disk space problem perfectly within seconds.

Old generation partition programs will first shrink a large partition to make free space or make space unallocated, and then move this space to the partition you want to extend, and then comes to the final step to extend partition. Those steps are too much for novice, and some software reboots for many times, and keeps on rebooting on each steps.

Macrorit Partition Extender, however, combines shrink, merge, move, and resize functions in its core to make extend partition easier and safer.

The Unique Technology of Macrorit Server Partition Extender:

Disaster-protection: what's the most important thing for Server users when using partition software? Data security! Of course! Partition Extender Server Edition has disaster-protection in it, which enables data safe even when you shut down your server computer by force or any behavior you done to your server system.

Cancel At Will Technology: What if I want to redistribute space when I have some new idea when it's running on extend? You can directly click on the cancel bottom to redo it. And, what's important is that, Original data stay safe!

Steps to Extend Windows Server partition

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